Tribute Goddess Livia

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Understand tiny-tims of the world: The purpose of a tribute is to display serious intent and prove that you are not simply wasting my time.



Give Me Something Tangible.. Give Me Something Real…

My PERFECT world, real males & manpets are put to use, to provide endless entertainment, lay gifts at my ebony lotus feet and provide money benefits/investments for the benefit of My life of happiness/luxury.

You want Me to know that you are here for My desires.. then prove it. You want My attention, be my REAL inferior cuck boy and/or have a real D/s relationship… then you earn it. Your only goal in life is a services to My DESIRES, WANTS, NEEDS & HAPPINESS. Your job is only to services Me.. either they be for you to purchase something for Me, pay for My next travels, pay for My boyfriend & I on date nite or whatevera I desire. You will gladly work hard every day in order to keep the privilege of being in My service.

Either I am first above your own wants and needs, which entails that your performance earns you such a delicious right as My interest in controlling, teasing and tormenting you.

This is how I will know you are REAL. This is a reward you may want, whether it be a tease session, a foot worship session live on cam, or sexual release, maybe NOTHING in return, you of course have to earn it.

I am not what you are used to seeing online and I will NEVER be the typical Goddess/Mistress/FemDom/Domina. I have a very different point of views on financial servitude and female dominance. I am far more evolved than such simple, pointless mockery & games that you see online.

You as the male are easily controllable, uncomplicated and purely a simple monkey. Your dick/penis between your legs is what controls you and the only thing that controls it, is Me.

Submit, Surrender and Obey.. Getting My attention and showing Me that you are REAL…. lets Me enjoy toying with your little boy brains.

P.S. Best male providers or manpets don’t do something in order to get something in return, they do it simply to see Me luxuriate.


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