I am Goddess Memphis….

…. the Ebony Succubus, a Benevolent and Malevolent Goddess, the Epitome of “yin and yang” (good & evil), subjugating the male species one male at a time. I provide purpose, order and meaning where chaos, sorrow and misery once consumed you. This is the alter for which you “ thank me“ and prove ‘you love me”. They say “actions speaker louder than words” I couldn’t agree more so it’s through ‘sacrifice” is how I am able to “hear” and take notice of you and allow you to honor of existing in my realm.

For what is “worship” without “sacrifice”? It is noting more than “ lip service”, and I have no interest or use for a slave, submissive or client who provides “lip serve” only.

I want you to speak to me through “sacrifice” whether you’re here to take a sacred vow of ‘ financial servitude”, send me a sacrifice as a “love gift”, pay for something I want or your sending a payment for cam or a phone session, I expect you to be humble, patience and gracious when interacting with Me.

I am only interested in generous clients, subs and slaves who know their place and always remember their manners.

Sacrifice and indulge in me, being in service to Me is filled with “bitter sweet corners and dark back allies”, you will enjoy every second of it.