45 Minute Phone Session

45 min phone session

You are purchasing a private, one on one phone session with Mistress Lillith for the length of 45 minutes for the amount of $78.75.

Once the time of 45 Minutes is up, the call will either end or you will be asked if you would like to continue the call and you can (1) give Mistress Lillith your billing information over the phone or (2) Re-enter the billing information using the online pay option. You will be given a heads up about 2 minutes prior to the call ending.

Before the purchase, make sure that Mistress Lillith is available by sending a quick IM to her yahoo at mistress.lillith or sending an email to madamerotic@gmail.com to confirm the session prior to purchase.

Once payment goes through, please call Mistress at 855-545-5484 or 855-507-4779 and begin your phone session.

Please Note: Payments are NON-REFUNDABLE, it is up to YOU to ensure that Mistress Lillith is available for a phone session prior to purchase. If you make a purchase and she is NOT available you will have to make arrangements for the session to take care of at a later date.

If there are any questions, comments or concerns – please call Mistress Lillith directly at 855-545-5484 or send an email to madamerotic@gmail.com

My General Availability is Monday – Friday from 10 am eastern Until midnight eastern, outside those hours my phone goes to a back up answering service and I am unavailable, unless we have a prearranged/preapproved appointment.