Get Put On Display

How pathetic would you feel to be on My main slave/humiliation page AND to make it more humiliating, you are going to PAY ME to post it there! HAHA…. that’s … Continue reading

Slave Contract

So you want to be exclusively mine? Be My property? Be owned by Me? Be My slave? Well go ahead and hit the ADD TO CART button and fill out … Continue reading

Office Roleplay Audio & Pics

In this super SEXY Picture & MP3 combo you’ll get to use more of your senses to enhance your jerk off session in a majorly naughty, pleasure filled way! In … Continue reading

Real Blackmail Slave Phone Call MP3

Listen in on just a small portion of one of my blackmail humiliation phone sex call! It’s my infamous rpslut, you know the one that I drained for thousands at … Continue reading

Cuckold, Cum Eating & Forced Bi ~ 2 Part Audio Recording

Part 1 ~ I humiliate you a bit about how I’m a size Queen and you just don’t “do it” for Me. That’s why I make you My cuckold bitch … Continue reading

MP3: Forced Bi ~ Suck It for Lexi

Forced Bi Forced Cock Sucking Length – 9 mins 23 seconds I’m sure you’ve been toying with the idea for awhile now, but you just can’t take the plunge. I’ll … Continue reading

MP3: Sissy Barbie Dress Up

This one is totally dedicated to all of my sissy sluts out there that just want to be a bimbo barbie doll. Grab your sissy clothes and makeup and be … Continue reading

Panty Sniffer ~ Blackmail ~ Humiliation

Super hot audio recording where I talk about you being naughty and sniffing my dirty panties, I catch you and of course use it to my advantage! Blackmail, findom & … Continue reading

Like OMG…. Small Cock Humiliation

My voice is so bratty and humiliating in this small penis humiliation audio! 4 minutes in length  

Princess Lexi Working Out Picture Set

14 pictures of Princess Lexi working out, stretching, and just being fabulous and sexy as ever! 6 minute audio recording talking about you waiting on your knees for me to … Continue reading

Financial Domination & Blackmail Are My Favorite’s

O-M-G! This is a super HOT & naughty audio recording! My voice sounds so amazing and seductive… and to it all the talk about financial domination and blackmail and it … Continue reading

Blackmail Contract with Bonus Audio

There are 2 downloads. One takes you to a Microsoft Word document with a link to the online Blackmail contract and the other download is a short 20 second audio … Continue reading

High Roller, Badboy Blackmail

This one’s for the hardcore blackmail junkies…. are you too afraid to do REAL blackmail? Well you’d enjoy this audio too but it’s more for the high rollers that truly … Continue reading

Jerk Off Instructions With Tease & Denial

Includes two separate audio recordings. The second audio is optional based on instructions from the first. I pretty much verbally jerk you off the entire time. I tell you specific … Continue reading

MP3: Jerk Off Instructions & Teasing

Listen as I tell you, in detail, how to stroke that cock for me! My Princess voice is undeniable and will keep you jerking and edging until the last second! … Continue reading

MP3: Cum Eating Instructions

Listen to my sexy Princess voice as I guide your masturbation session & prep you to eat your own cum for Me! Follow my naughty Cum Eating Instructions every bit … Continue reading

MP3: Bona Fide ASS Bitches

Duration: 3 mins Hear me dominate you & make you an even more addicted ass bitch than ever before!

Blackmail Sample

Duration: 1 min 58 secs This audio MP3 is exactly what it says it is, Blackmail Sample. Just a short little intro into blackmail phonesex! If you’re interested in blackmail … Continue reading

Homewrecking MP3 Set

There are only 2 MP3 audio recordings in this download and they are very short. However these recordings are quite unique because the 15 second one is of ME moaning … Continue reading

Voice Sample

Listen to my sexy Goddess voice. It’ll leave you wanting more and more! Just a quick sample ~ 45 seconds

MP3: Findom, Blackmail, Humiliation with a Hypno Twist!

This is a super sexy and seductive MP3 that runs 8 minutes long. This audio has everything! It has Financial Domination, Blackmail, Humiliation and that seductive 3D echo sound that … Continue reading

MP3: You Want to Be Blackmailed?

Fantasize about being blackmailed by a gorgeous Domme like me? This MP3 let’s you get a small taste of what it feels like to be my blackmail bitch! Audio runs … Continue reading

MP3: Gonna Get MY Money One Way or Another

A super seductive and slightly harsh reality of the way I run my game on you! Topics are financial domination and blackmail. Basically I know how to get what I … Continue reading

Cheating Wife Confessions: Cuckold~BBC~Creampies

This MP3 runs just over 6 minutes long. It has a bit of everything that a submissive cuckie guy would like. It begins with me (Your Wife) confessing to all … Continue reading

MP3: Sissy Transformation Cock Sucking Hypnosis

Almost 17 minutes of intense Sissification hypnosis. This is a high quality audio recording that you can listen to again and again. I suggest that if possible you listen with … Continue reading

MP3: Hardcore Humiliation

This MP3 Recording certainly isn’t for you whimpy, cry babies out there! Lol nope, this one is fairly extreme humiliation. ┬áIt runs a whole 6 1/2 minutes long. Now Buy … Continue reading

MP3: Cocktease in my Yoga Shorts

Length: 3 min 48 secs Listen while I tease your naughty brain about how I wear my yoga shorts and make sure you follow my instructions the entire time lol, … Continue reading

MP3: Adult Baby Diaper Lover

Listen to my naughty voice talking all about Adult Babies and Diaper Loving for 1o minutes. There is a little content about the Adult Babies who enjoy being babied by … Continue reading

Small Penis/Cuckold MP3

Runs almost 7 minutes long Small Penis Humiliation Cuckolding Your GF/Wife Cheats On You How I can help you deal with your shortcomings